The 7 Best Podcasts for Exploring Christianity

Are you a Christian? Interested in learning more about Christianity? Curious about the Bible?

Metta Dwyer
4 min readFeb 14, 2019

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then Exploring Christianity, the newest station from Scout FM, is for you!

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Whether you’re a Christian, interested in learning about Christianity, and regardless of your denomination, Exploring Christianity has you covered with everything from the basics of the Bible to practical advice for Christian living today. There’s something for everyone from the casually curious to the biblical scholar.

1. Knowing Faith from The Village Church

These half-hour episodes each focus on a discrete question about or aspect of Christianity. Recent episodes include “Can children be theologians?” and “Is God still speaking?” Even devoted Christians don’t always fully understand some of the more complicated aspects of scripture. Knowing Faith does a great job of explaining scripture and doctrine in an accessible way.

Check out the latest episode:
How to Read the Bible: How and why should you read Scripture?

2. The Bible Binge from Popcast

There’s no doubt that the Bible is full of incredible stories. But often discussions of these stories make them less interesting and less accessible. The Bible Binge discusses these stories the same way a podcast might discuss popular books or movies. This isn’t meant to be disrespectful, but simply to remind people how awesome the stories from the Bible actually are.

Check out the latest episode:
Jezebel: Was she eaten by dogs for a valid reason or was she just misunderstood?

3. Quick to Listen from Christianity Today

Each episode of Quick to Listen offers a discussion of a major cultural event from a Christian perspective. From the editors of Christianity Today, the show offers thoughtful and in-depth conversations, instead of just the hot take, hashtag responses we’re used to.

Check out the latest episode:
The Hebrew Israelites in That March for Life Viral Video

4. Persuasion with Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson

Hosts Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson talk about everything from pop culture to parenting, but they bring their unique perspective as Christian women. Episodes vary in how directly they deal with Christianity or religion, but their perspectives are always informed by their faith.

Catch the latest episode:
Silent Night: For most of us, Christmas delivers us everything but the Silent Night we sing about in that iconic carol.

5. 5 Minutes in Church History

These bite-sized episodes deliver fascinating facts about the history of Christianity and the church. The podcast covers topics from Medieval Art to Martin Luther to the Scottish Reformation.

6. The Way Home with Dan Darling

Dan Darling is the Vice President for Communications for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. On The Way Home, he speaks with leaders in the Christian community on all types of subjects, from human trafficking to ‘adulting.’

7. The Deconstructionists

The hosts of The Deconstructionists come from an evangelical background, but are open to new ideas. They have guests from all across the spectrum within Christianity and the show covers both theological and scripture-based topics, as well as contemporary issues Christians face.

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